The fact that it’s the ending of a decade , is dramatic enough to grab my attention.

I love birthdays.
I even started celebrating my ‘half year birthday’ when I was 28 and a half.
February 13th is an important date for me.

But, I’m still not that good at calling my friends
for the birthday blessings on the right day,
Or bringing the appropriate present.
I’m not good even at bringing a sorbet that truly sprinkles the air with smiles, when I’m invited to someone’s dinner table.
Usually, I remember I need to bring something when I start searching for the car keys…

It is like… I love to pray, I love rituals,
I just can’t connect it to events.
I love it on the go.
Day by day.
Hour by hour.
Aligned with the color of the sky
And the light that comes from my eyes.

this month…
The fact that it’s the ending of a decade,
is dramatic enough to grab my attention.

I find myself looking at the last 10 years,
at how ‘10 years’ feels to me, now,
not what happened in those years,
rather the huge chunk of time,
this massive precious, irreplaceable
container of life experiences.

Because today, I have way more respect for it.

‘10 YEARS’ as a box of opportunities
felt very different in the past,
I wonder –
how will I perceive this abstract concept of “A DECADE”
10 years from now?

When a ritual is aligned with a significant event
in time and place,
something powerful is happening,
there is a momentum,
that is being created by the blend of
the quotidian experience of time
and the eternal new.

Look at it like a portal,
and the energies involved can greatly support
your transformation!

Every second a portal is opening, every breath, every morning,
for you to start anew.
There you ride your own wave
To shift.

When it is happening in the collective consciousness
the waves are higher,
the currents are higher,
the potential is stronger.
You want to be there.


One of the things that is clear for me
Is that I‘m not going to ask the same questions
I was asking myself
During last year’s transitions

What I’m willing to release?
What I’m ready to let go?
What I wish to liberate?

Those are all powerful and significant questions.
I do invite you to ask yourself those questions
when passing any portal.

This year the question is
What do I need to bring into completion and how?

When we bring things into completion,
we become an active part of their transmutation
and our transmutation, as a result of it.

Completion, different from ending or stopping,
is an intentional conscious process,
it requires attention and time,
and it gifts you back with evolution.

There is a big difference between a dot at the end of the sentence,
to closing the book, after reading it all,
breathing while it is held next to your body,
and putting it back on the shelf,
knowing you have been transformed.

I invite you consciously step into the new decade.

You are invited to share,
in the comments section below the post
What is the thing you choose to bring into completion
during this month?
(Don’t think how it can happen – the universe has its ways-
we are in a huge transformative portal.)

I will be speaking about
and most importantly- running the energy of
bringing things into completion
on the upcoming #livelight session
on Tuesday December 10th 15:00 GMT
Buth on my Instagram account and my Facebook fan page.

I want us to see together:
what needs to arrive into its completion
And how?


Love you!

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  • Avatar

    Thank you dearest homaya for this clarification. So important to put intention .
    So I choose towards the end of a decade to bring into completion my search. To complete the journey of searching and become fully present in life, in the now.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      It is such an important state in a spiritual journey- stop seeking.
      start being.
      I felt I stopped being a seeker a few years ago,
      there are a lot of conditionings (emotional especially) that are I the process of dissolving due to lack of use 😉
      Hove fun my love!
      I will be posting about this topic in the following few weeks.

  • Avatar
    Aleene Kann

    How appropriate, Homaya, you bring this topic of completing a decade. On November 25th, 2019, I completed my Seventh Decade on Earth in this life. What is so extraordinary about this year, I completed my first book about my life and experiencing four Near Death Experiences that gave me such gratitude, joy and wisdom about our eternal consciousness. I AM so Blessed to share this amazing experience with the World. You are so correct – “the universe has its ways – we are in a huge transformative portal.” I have made the conscious step into my new decade! “REBIRTH” – Amen!

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Happy decade beloved!
      This feels so powerful, the entier rebirth , near death, all probably gave birth to the book, the new you.
      Hugs of light to you.

  • Avatar

    At the airport.
    Entering a portal of three months of …. nothing, and everything.
    Thank you for being so perfect in timing with your words.
    I am starting to feel the energy of this journey of completion for liberation.

    Bless you!!!!

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Where is this nothing going to be? hat a delightful time.
      Wishing you an extraordinary passage.
      Bless you, sweet light, with a loving hug.

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