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Q: You have been teaching Light Language for a few years now – what is Light Language?

Homaya: What we call reality is equal to a multi dimensional user interface – where vibrations of light are perceived by our nerve system and translated inside of us. Some of the vibrations are known to us humans as sounds, others as colors and shapes and some we are simply unable to grasp.

All that we relate to in our reality is made of 3 dimensional shapes and colors – from the tiniest particles, as the way atoms connect, to the magazine you are holding right now, nature and much more beyond. If all matter is made of 3D shapes and colors, clearly the consciousness, which creates this reality, is made of it as well. Since we are part of the whole consciousness, we also communicate and transmit our inner vibrations, thoughts, emotions and ideas in 3D shapes and colors.
Light Language embodies the code which this multi dimensional user interface is made of. It is the art of consciously co-creating reality with and as structures of 3D shapes and colors.

Q: What do you mean by consciously co-creating?

Homaya: The whole is made of the sum of ALL consciousness. In every moment, we co-create our reality with the whole consciousness, with our thoughts, ideas and emotions, as well as with our actions and words on the physical plain. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we invest our energy and intention, and so influence reality.

The way you approach things, your presence and energy field effect reality even if you do not say or do a thing. How many times have you been in a situation where one enters a room and changes all the energy. Like those people who come into a party and turn it on or those who go into a room making the air dense and uncomfortable?

What you DO is another level of co-creation, in terms of to whom and to what you give, or better say serve, your energy.
In any case – you are not the only one who creates reality, the universe and the forces of nature co-create with you: a friend gives a hand; you find a book someone wrote exactly about what you needed; nature connects you and feeds you. We constantly communicate and co-create.

The levels of awareness and attention to what we do and how we do it determines the difference from one to the other. How conscious we are to what we create in any given moment.

With Light Language you restructure and consciously reconnect to what you transmit into reality, bring light to your part in it and expand your awareness to the way the universe works.

Q: How does it work?

Homaya: By mastering the ABC of sacred geometry and colors, the structures of energetic sequences, the universal laws and the relations between all of those. These are 4 main aspects of the way reality is created.

A simple example would be noticing what colors you are wearing and how it affects your day. One of my students shared great results in dealing with her son’s ADD by changing the color of his clothes to yellow in order to support concentration.
Yet this is just a starting point of the work. In advanced levels you work with more complex energetic structures of linear time manifestations in all aspects of your life and self, deep into the levels of the blueprint of your soul and the eternal now.

For some people, going deeper into the living practice can be mind blowing; living by it breaks apart their inner reality. With Light Language you are escorted out of the so-comfortable victim state, where things happen to you, and step by step you become more actively responsible for the reality you live in. life changes from experiences to experiments. You become the master of your reality along with the gift of expanding your awareness and awakening into more truth.

Q: How is Light Language being taught?

Homaya: As most shamanic practices, Light Language has been taught mainly on the astral plain at night schools and in the presence of a master teacher as Caught Teaching.

In class itself the students are consciously initiated into this ancient wisdom and reconnect to it as it was ever there. At the same time, their aura field is being adjusted into a healthy centered state, where all chakras are vibrating at their original vibration/ frequency – so no more extra orange for the people who where flirting around all day long or extra red for those who were drowning in life’s worries. Life becomes more balanced and harmonious.

Q: And on the practical level – how does it work?

Homaya: It is rooted in your ability to translate intentions into healthy and positive grids of NEW consciousness, which you create for a certain purpose in the linear or vertical presence. These grids are emanated or assimilated in your aura field.

When one is asking to create a certain reality, one is not given what one was asking for but rather the opportunity to become one’s next level of evolution where this reality exists. Therefore, parts which are not in alignment with the light will be healed and transformed.

An interview with Homaya for “Zen Magazine”, Portugal (part 1/3)


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Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

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