Two questions that support you being aligned with what you love and who you are.

Every day is a great day to clear your stuff
and clear your mind.
Every occasion can be a wonderful moment
for introspection.

Auto reflection
carries the potential to liberate you and upgrade you
it takes you out of the automatic pilot mode, so that you can
examine what in your perspective is just attachment
and what vibrates vitality and wisdom.

This kind of reflection is how I am packing my entire house
(and my entire life)
into boxes
these days.

I take it as an uplifting opportunity to let go
of things that don’t resonate with “me” any more.

Clearly the clearing is not about clearing stuff,
rather clearing the state from where I am living my life,
through clearing the material plane.

It’s quite easy to let go of the old things
which already served me
Or things I don’t really like
(and I can’t understand why I have them, at the first place).

And it’s more challenging to let go of:

Hopes that are  hidden on the shelf with the class materials
I kept for the time I will travel and teach again,
or in the baby carrier in case a second child will come,

Misconceptions in pages of a guide book I’ve received
when I took a wonderful class
from the wrong reasons,

And memories folded in the cloths
I wore when I got pregnant, when I bought my new house,
When I taught the DNA class for the first time.

Yet every day that passes, I feel lighter
more relevant,
more actual,
truthful to myself

Our environment carries past energy
more than future perspective.
You want to adjust your environment to be actual,
Expanding the NOW.

Things are changing,
(and now even in a more significant way)
you’re evolving
and  you can take the opportunity to clear your old paradigms
in a second.

Two things I recommend you do as healers, and light workers,
no matter if you have a lot of experience and an active clinic
or if you don’t have even a single regular client
or even…if you do not dare to call yourself a healer

Ask yourself what is the definition of a healer?
for you,

Check what is the image you have about a great healer?
Especially with healing,
there is a great mystification on the healer
and the healer’s job.

I have seen that in most of the healers I have trained,
They are overwhelmed with the energy,
fearful that they will not be able to run this energy themselves,
and that it will not have an impact.

I could feel it, with the projections coming
from my fresh students.

Creating and cultivating
a hero healer image
or a God healer image
does not support the healer inside of you to bloom
and channel pure light.

The part of you that builds this image,
is made of lack of self awareness,
and lack of self love,
known as low self esteem.

Go ahead and watch this video
to clear more paradigms
and auto-sabotaging thoughts
that prevent you from
feeling confident as a healer.

I am sure it will support you!

Love you!

P.s-  This practice can work for anything in your life, other professions,
and any other self-identity you carry (daughter. wife, father, lover).
We can explore it together on Tuesday the 26th May @15:00 GMT
On my Facebook page
(add that to your calendar)
And bring your sharing and doubts.

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  • Teresa

    Much grateful for your teaching in this page, beloved Master!
    I resonate a lot.
    When I return from traveling and stays at Mozambique and São Tomé e Principe, I could not resonate with my home and all that stuff!!! How could I live in a middle of so many things while people there had almost nothing? It was not a question of my vibrational level, I suppose…
    But when I return from the DI retreat with you, really I was in a higher vibration and had to change things at home and clear much stuff that did not resonate anymore…
    I am doing it now and thinking the best way is to move to another house and environment… (LOL)
    Love you!!!

    • Homaya

      SO my love… Maybe this indeed what needs to be done.
      Maybe this idea is a gift you have received?

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