In my last blog post, I explained that I took the year off from actively teaching which created space to expand into something new.

I want to share with you a glimpse of that expansion.

On my desk,
Next to the books that inspire me,
And the crystals that I’ve received from special people
I have a new chart of colors carefully picked,
a subtle translation of abstract movements that I feel
and a stack of papers with words that call to me,
to be the messengers of those delicate vibrations.

In my inner navigation, I am perceiving my chakras, and energetic centers, in a different way than usual.
It feels to me like they have extensions,
as if each chakra has a few hidden chambers,

and that once I connect to them I expand to a greater level of awareness.
I feel more connected; my capacity is growing.

I started observing, seeing the colors, sensing the aspects,
and two months ago, together with Yuval, my beloved, we wrote it down on a sheet of paper.

Since then, I have had the privilege of sitting in a master class with great ascendance masters and the curanderos lineage.

Now I am finding myself writing a whole methodology about the gateways we have as human to the expanded consciousness which is at the root of all creation.

Bit by bit, more parts of the whole are revealed to me.


I enjoy the content so much,
And more than that- I enjoy my own channeling journey.

It is far from linear,
fog and clarity alternate,
And the more I channel, the greater the mystery becomes.
I can distinguish clearly between two types of unknown-
The one that is ready to be revealed
And the ONE that can never take form.

Consciously I don’t push to see the big picture,
Digesting each part at a time,
feeling it as a precious lace made of gold and silk,
Contemplating about the meaning, the revelations,
letting it come to me, show itself.
I don’t try to figure it out,
I stay completely receptive.
Free of demands.

I take each integrated piece and connect it to the parts that are already clear, like I am setting the dining table to an exquisite dinner with angelic guests.

I don’t put my mind in action,
My mind is responsible to write it all: seek the precious words,
Ask the relevant questions, and find references as we go along.
And this is enough,
the rest of the time I let it chill.

And I can feel the fear, offering itself,
growing proportionally to the number of pages in the booklet that I’m writing.

By that, I am learning that
the subtle friction that happens

when things are wearing a form in the realm of density
is translated to an irritation that we name as fear.

I let it go
And stay
In Awe.


Dear one, I hope you are channeling something new in your life that is taking your breath away. Please share in the comments your own new birth.
and if any question about channeling is coming up to you, feel free to ask here, I will be happy to chat more about this topic.




Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Thank you so much beloved Homaya, for your sharing about this topic. Yes, few year ago I channeled a Reiki symbol. It was a huge process to me. At the present moment, there are moments in clinic that in front of the client I channel words that he/she may need to received from a different source. And I let myself free to receive it with love and grace. At first I was afraid and I noticed that the vibration/information was having some kind of troubles to come out. It was about self-judgment and what the person in front of me could think about it. They all accepted clearly and easily the message. What I feel is that channeling is a tool that I must cultivate more dedicatedly, more profoundly. I am looking forward with so much love for your anew. Thank you!

    1. Adorable Teresa, Blessings,
      Thank you for the sharing,
      yes, CHanneling a message for someone who is in front of you brings its gifts and challenges,
      The gift is that the one listening is holding the space for the words to come,
      he or she at the moment are suckling those ultra-dimensional massages.
      The challenge that can be,
      is to stay there, aligned with the elevated vibrations,
      Being there for him,
      and bypassing his mind.

      I find it a pleasure and a great adventure.

  2. Querida Homaya, my dearest Master. When I read Your posts and see your challenges I have no words to respond…Now the theme is
    channeling!!! I supose I AM channeling when I’m doing wshops with groups. The ideas coming from the Source, I suppose!? And Lots of it!!!ⁿ Is this channeling? I feel myself surrounded and supported by Masters and Angels.And You are One of them for sure. Thank you. Love you.🙏❤

    1. Dear Teresa, thank you for your love, thank you!
      In some way, every time we let go and let god in- it is channeling.
      SO yes, when you are leading your workshops- this is channeling.
      Explore this more,
      See if and how does it feel for you to bring into here- what seems as comes from the un known.
      Enjoy your gifts, sweet talented lady!

  3. Great to read it all Homaya, and excited for this new vibrations to born <3 thank you for sharing with us about your channeling experience. i am lately letting channeling in me to flow more than i allowed before, less filters of mind and more trust. yet sometimes i fear of it not making sense, and then the energy becomes lower.. it is a practice of trust. and normally my intuition gets the thing well and when i trust the energy keeps high. a good mirror about life. thank you for inspiring and opening this contemplation space. love, Ren.

    1. Yes, my love, Channeling is about bringing the unknown, and even unknowable in the form or un-form it can take.
      therefor definitely trust is an important pillar in the temple of channeling.
      If the mind would know it already, that would stay in the realm of association and intuition.
      Enjoy growing into greater confidence in your relationship with the spirit.

  4. Loved your definition of fear!
    And Really looking forward to meeting these new vibrations!! Wow ✨

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, the content is enchanting and soul-nourishing,
      It’s more profound and rich with every time I’m called to write more.
      Fantastic experience.
      Much love.

  5. Beloved Homaya, I am so much in tune with this vibration, anew for me… This unique channel, this bridge in me is so much wanting to be crossed… Gratitude for this lesson! I want to download this grid of service, of clear communication. The time to really learn, not with the brain, is here. In the last meeting of our Tribe, I found myself in the place where all light healing lineages cross together, it was a very high place (not in the sense of altitude) there was a curandero from the mayan lineage with me and through me… although I don’t remember the words I said, the feeling, the working together, the learning that came through all portals was so strong, it left nothing untouched nor inside, nor outside. It was a tremendous experience of service and compassion! Gratitude! And yet I can’t describe it… I believe I am sharing it through my luminous field… Love you…

    1. Hello, dear one! Yes, I completely connect to that,
      we are all advanced in channeling as we are channeling the energy of the lineage on our day to day healing practice and introspection,
      and this is so lovely and so precious that you’re able to feel it so strong in you!
      The content I am channeling is also connected to the lineage, as it came together with a light language application.
      I feel honored and full of grace.
      Love you!

      1. Excited and wishing to learn more from this new coloring language
        Thank you
        Hugs from the Heart

  6. Thank you for your words! I could really feel you and I am excited with you.

    I think that in this period I am channeling myself, through observation, meditation and just being present in my body I discover new aspects of myself: who I am, what I am capable of, what excites me and it is different from all the other times I got to know myself better. It actually feels like my expansion comes from inside and from outside at the same time. It does strangely feel like channeling.

    Love you!

    1. Sweet one, I feel the joy that sprouted from your words when describing this inner channeling, Like giving birth to your etheric body,
      redefining, shapeshifting,
      Enjoy the process,
      Let it come in its own way, and stay attentive to the way its evolve and create,
      That can be a tool for you for the next few years,
      Exactly like a mother is learning her baby in his first few months of living.
      Bless you!

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