Belief systems and life paradigms
Are zones that allow us to rest,
they create conditions for us to feel more confident and connected.

Once a belief system is embraced,
It has the power to limit us, unconsciously.

We never invented rituals to stop and contemplate if a paradigm is real or not,
If it is still relevant, actual, serving.
Life does not offer us any reason to doubt
the impact of this belief system or old paradigm,
even in a middle of big life crisis,
our ironic belief systems are the last stones we will turn over to see what it is hiding underneath them.
(Another dark side to deal with…)

So what does an old belief look like?
Since it is a belief- it will get stagnated in your crown
And most likely will appear as a glass ceiling, almost impossible to notice how it is limiting.

Two weeks ago I collected seven types of these “glass ceilings,”
Topics and attitudes I keep hearing from my students and clients that continue to keep them from feeling whole and fulfilled.

I publicly looked, doubted and shaked each old paradigm and belief system that is behind these illusions of limitation and set a new tone that allow a crack in those glass ceilings.
misconception should stop holding you back.

Here are the glass ceilings that I often hear about what we need to shatter,
You might find your glass ceiling here, or maybe a few

  1. I am held back because I am not able to be financially independent.
    What is the real meaning of financial independence? Is it about the finances or about being independent, and how can you set yourself to it?
    Step into greater financial independence
  2. I am limited by my life story and the way it influences my emotions
    Behind any drama, there is an addiction to a specific hormonal cocktail that keeps you from evolving to where you really wish. Can you move from emotional addiction to emotional maturity?
    From Emotional addiction to emotional maturity
  3. I can’t make a decision.
    You not only have the feeling that you cannot make a decision, but also that you need a secret ingredient to be able to make a decision.
    Exploring the decision-making mechanism
  4. I am too afraid.
    FEAR is the number one reason why people cannot move forward. Most people give their force to fear. SO let’s see how we can advance beyond fear.
    Expansion beyond fears
  5. I lack passion, motivation, and excitement.
    Almost everyone is convinced that these can be turned on only from the outside, or by someone else. But is that really true?
    Turn your passion ON!
  6.  I do not have the love connection that I wish (with my family, my friends or my life partner).
    In the world that we are living in, we are so accustomed to the need for cutting cords that we have completely forgotten how to build and create healthy love cords.
    Creating healthy love cords 
  7.   I need to be Spiritually Perfect.
    Aligning with the most high is very different from aligning with the highest and with being balanced. This is a blind spot about spiritual achievement that many people take for granted.
    Align with the most high


I addressed each of these 7 ‘glass ceilings” in a session and each one was 1 hour long,
Make the sacred time you need to dive into them,
It is very worth watching the sessions.

Let me know your thoughts
And let this teaching spread.

Love you!


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    Ana Paula Martins

    I’ve been feeling floating, sometimes feeling an old wave, and old pattern, an old victim in me still screaming – please don’t leave me, but the sensation of being carried by the most atomic synchronicities, the moment to moment encounters with the magic of divine wisdom are clearing this glass ceilings or glass walls… Now I understand the meaning of glass. Before I couldn’t reach the meaning, for the glass was transparent… Now I dared to see I could touch it but couldn’t reach through… There are many dreams, so profound and painful dreams happening during sleep but the feeling of synchronicity, of steping through the veils is so strong, every moment is a mind blowing with all the pain and the not linear learning. And all this in the middle of day to day… I feel like a rolling sphere, I can’not imagine where is it rolling too but the lap, the hand that is rolling it is so sharp, so clear… Many more things are here, always have been, for me to feel, to touch, to leave and to embrace, to learn, to share, to inspire… I pray to be this pure vessel of the divine will, I pray to manifest DI Mission that is inside me burning and burning… My God It is alive inside me, it feels like there is a part of me waiting to unite for accomplish this mission… Gratitude beloved Homaya for the vibration you share, the wisdom you share, the clarity you infuse for my eager being… I could be writing all day about this journey, so intense, so purposeful, so fragile… I pray for strength and purity. I love you! Thank you for being with me in all moments…

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      I can feel you beloved, I can feel your prayer and your awakening, I can feel your wish. I pray with you for a breakthrough to come. love you and hug you!

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