Leveling up as Light workers


Sacred Space vs Practical Tools


I have had some requests to share some practical things about ‘Windows to the Universe .’

The problem is that there are not so many practical things to share.

At this point in time  and space- ‘Windows to the Universe’ does not offer any tools to use.


‘Windows to the Universe’ offers space.

You are the tool.

It offers a refinement.

An alignment.

A calibration.

It is a window,

A portal for leveling up,

A gate full of grace.

As we gradually pass through this gate, the space is opening up, and a new layout for our perception of life forming as consciousness.


It is time to recall, as lightworkers, that there are vivid layers of bio-cosmic wisdom and potential that needs a higher level of refinement of our embodied consciousness, in order to be integrated.


There is a level of stagnation in everything in the manifested worlds, as well as in the way we communicate, play and create with light.

We become conditioned also with the way we trace energetic movements,  electro-magnetic pulsations, types of available energies and so much more.

We are also limited by the vocabulary when speaking on topics such as light work, energy medicine and attainment of self.


It could be that there is a place for a new circuit system of perception,

a vision that will set a new non-verbal communication regarding the way we ascend and descend, the way we manifest and elevate.


Life essences

In the spiritual practice, the personal and private perspective are extensively emphasized.

The One, as divine as it feels, still experiences itself as matter, more than as space.

Concepts and essences, that influence our perceptions and conditioning processes are less examined.

Yet, those concepts and life essences are far beyond mental and emotional structure, they are an essential part of our life tapestry, well established on the higher heavens, angelic council and orders.

ANY abstract and vivid concept is included here, whether it is truth, grace, clarity, coloration, contradiction, limitation or expansion; they all are usually applied under the collective consciousness restrictions.

These essences can also be experienced within you in their free, crystal pure and unlimited version, a luminous gem in your life vocabulary.

With your free breath, feel how would that feel to live these essences in their original heavenly configuration.


Those concepts appear as a  pre-geometrical correlations  which we, in our human experience, constantly tap into in our subtle bodies (mental, emotional, and spiritual) and  in our daily earthly experience. They shape the shapes of our life experience.



Inner sanctuary

‘Windows to the universe’ might be seen as a hybrid of different energetic descriptions, yet it is an exponential form of the original operating system known as the chakra system, which gives the layout and description of a hyperspace of life essence, the design of everything.

You are invited to see it like that-  the chakra system is a representation of your energetic body mechanical structure, and once it is powered by itself- it becomes the space this structure lives in.

At the moment ‘Windows to the universe’ is mapping the gateways that we have as consciousness to tap into this vast realm and by using these gateways we recalibrate and regenerate our inner sanctuary, refining ourselves as a living consciousness.

I do believe that it will evolve into redefining inner compasses within pellucid hyperspace.



‘Windows to the universe,’ as a class, is not addressed to your mental mechanism, it is for eminent lightworkers that are ready to hold hands and beaming hearts as those light fragrances are woven.


Since Light Language is a language of mastery, for me and for most of my beloveds, during the class a concrete application will be initiated, this will allow the practitioners to generate this layout in their energy field, and in the energy field of those who come for their guidance. Which feels like a pure privilege, an immense joy and a blessing.



Thank you for being attentive to this sharing,

If there is any reflection on the topic you would like to bring forth- please share it in the comments below.



Photography: Marianne-Krohn

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  • Avatar
    michael sun-fidelman

    exiting, feels like bringing more space to life. looking forword to be initated from root to crown
    thank you for your sublime preciseness and courge to birth somthing like that

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Blessings beloved, thank you for taking the time to write and share.
      Yes, it is as bringing space into life. Injecting potentialities. Expanding.
      Keep on sharing with me how the initiations feel.

  • Avatar

    I ask myself: do I have the openness, the capacity, the required level as healer and as LL practitioner???
    AM I prepared for this new level?
    Will I have the opportunity and the time to apply this new skills?
    I would love to BE with you and my TRIBE those full days but stil it is not esay, quick and fast for me…
    I AM stil waiting for a sign!!!
    Love you 💝 beautiful, lovely Homaya, dearest Master💎💜

    • Avatar

      It will be an honor and grace to have you as part of the class and initiation.
      Your questions are legit, yet it seems that there is a strong power inside of you who care less about the answers to those questions, who know that you can drink what is served for you, that you do not need to get ready, in one way or the other. You are exactly ready and more ready every single moment.
      You are ready to be transformed.
      Last note to you, beloved. This specific initiation is not about applying new skills, it is about opening up and expanding.
      there is nothing to apply here. It is about the space that you are.
      Bless you.
      Endless love!

      • Avatar

        Wauuu! Your words went directly to my HEART beloved Master 💎💜
        Thank you🙏
        See you soon.
        Love you

        • Homaya Amar
          Homaya Amar

          Sweet Teresa, those words CAME from your heart. Love you. happy to celebrate life with you.

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula Abreu Martins

    This is wonderful, I feel this will be a truly challenge to let go our conceptual, verbal way of perception and old ways of answering life challenges, and also let go of forcing manifestation. I feel a certain ease as we approach the closeness to your class, and at the same time, I feel the difficulty in conceiving a circuit system of perception without a conceptual language. I pray for this veil to be lifted now and forever. I feel this is not for letting go and be alone in the world, but for letting go and be all, passing theory on any level, whatever ‘level’ means. I pray to really let go ego structure and still stay connected and more alive then ever. Thank you. Super excited with the ‘CLASS’.

    • Homaya

      the beautiful thing is that everything that might seem like a bright light today, is also the teacher of our consciousness, and as we evolve- it will no longer seem like a bright light rather a veil. I love you!

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