The most important pattern you can transform to set yourself free, and truly move into being. 

Blessings dear,

The days advance
and the feeling of chaos continues.
It takes its place around the table of life
sitting on the chair that once belonged
to the illusion that things were safe and secure
and the path was clear.

The path is clearly, not clear.
Our patterns that have designed
the way we walk our path
are active
and even highlighted.

These days you face a new reality
When a crisis is happens, (no matter the scale)
and times of insecurity arise,
the moments you have spent in your spiritual practice
(I call it the lowland)
counts greatly!

There is a meaningful balance between climbing the mountain and staying in the lowland.


Most likely what moved you into your spiritual journey
was some level of disappointment
or a disillusionment
with the material plane.
The reason that you embarked on your healing journey
Was that you could not feel whole and complete in life
as you are.

Now although you have done your work
and you are still clearing your pain,
you can dedicate this moment
to clear the reason that you began your spiritual journey.

Let those reasons drop.
Let the patterns that moved you to your healing disappear.
Clear the survival mode out of your spiritual journey.
Let yourself be.

Why? In order to stop chasing light.
To stop feeding the Little Ego.

There is more to this journey
across the lowlands than we give credit.

When we look outside ourselves
we see evidence to the contrary,
that spending time in the valleys
isn’t the best use of your gifts.

What is dwelling at the base of the mountain
that makes us want to rush to the top?
What has tricked us into believing
that getting to the peak
is the only place where our high vibration can exist?

Your Little Ego will keep convincing you that you are not suitable to give,
or to heal, or to be good enough
where you are.
So instead of staying, you climb.
You strive.
You do all that you can to reach
for the better version that is worthy of your desires.

As such, your Little Ego is a consumer & controller of
your light.

How does this manifest in your life?

Perhaps you…

… keep signing up for every workshop looking for the ultimate transformation.

… study a new healing technique as a way to build credentials
rather than stay aligned and evolve with what resonates the most.

… avoid increasing the monetary exchange for your services.

You find yourself chasing light
Instead of beaming light.


When you stay attached to the feeling that brought you to your spiritual path
The feeling that you are not enough,
and not whole,
As you are,
your entire life reflects the image of your Little Ego,
Even when you want to cultivate something different.

Instead of running, reaching, reacting to this original narrative,
I want you to consider staying.
Stay here in the lowlands for longer than feels comfortable.

Soon, you won’t feel the need to climb mountains,
You become the mountain!


We are in a perfect moment
for you to cast light on the original reason
that pushed you to your spiritual path.

It is a potent time,
to create a clear channel for the light
right where you are.


I will be live on Tuesday  28th July,  15:00 GMT
On my Facebook page
To chat more about how you can stop trying to transform what is already whole, beloved.

Until then, share with me your thoughts and feeling,
in the comments below this blog post.
Share with me how you see this pattern in your life,
and what you feel after reading this text.
It is always a delight to exchange with you.

Loving you,


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  • Avatar

    I am seeing these days that one of the major patterns that have set me on my spiritual journey was a lack of sense of belonging. It is even deeper than self expression. Self expression is also a vehicle that was aimed to allow me to be one with my surroundings, the way I am.
    As my expression is evolving and flowering, a scent or flavor of a disappointment is also arising, from what still feels like not belonging. Grateful to see it .

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      So good to feel you here beloved,
      reading the distinctions you are putting between expression as a vehicle to become- connected, one. this is bright and needed, from this distinction, the feeling of belonging stays pure, naked, real… and therefore, FREE. stay with it, open, and it will drop or merge.
      Bless the depth of your vision.

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula Santos

    My beloved Master, you are always in my heart and I know that I am also in yours. This week has been busy on family issues, it started right on Saturday, so I hadn’t read this post yet and yesterday I wasn’t able to watch his right because I was traveling at that time. Now calmly and in prayer I was reading the post and watching yesterday’s recording … and everything is so beautiful, so magical with so much connection to you. This week I put my intention in the light lovers to receive indication from my guides and Masters, you asked me where you could help me … I didn’t know how to answer … something worried me and I didn’t know what .. and now you replied my love … this post so deep … with so many answers for me as well as yesterday’s live … I am grateful you deeply my beloved Master.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      My sweet one, I am so happy that this transmission brought you the waves of love and sanity you needed. I am here for you! Blessings from my heart <3

  • Avatar

    Dear Homaya, you are always connected with my moment and thought. I feel really grateful for your words and inspiring contemplation you offer.
    In this moment I feel really lost in my beginning again, never stop to study, to search for better results, frustration of not living at the top of the mountain that I am climbing, of not reaching money for my family and life…
    you help me a lot with your words.
    I feel a deep love and gratitude to you and your big heart, compassion, smooth way to welcome and embrace and transmit light.

    Thank you.
    Love to you and your family, Sara

    • Avatar

      Sweet Sara, thank you so much for sharing,
      I hug you with love.

      Although you are pointing at ‘lack consciousness’,
      take this moment in time to expand.
      we are in a perfect time to rest and expand.

      Results resonate with ending, stoping, limitations.
      it is not what you need.
      stay open
      stay free.

  • Avatar
    Deena Ball

    What a honor to read the words of these times. Your innate ability to forecast and create a visual pallet gives my nervous system a huge deep breath of divine comfort. Thank you my beloved. I BE and I see. Hugs.

    • Avatar

      In AWE
      and love.

      Grateful for your presence.
      Beyond words.

  • Avatar
    Susan Patterson

    Thanks, dearest Homaya, for taking the time and effort to send out this message. It really resonated this morning as I focus on clarifying and redefining how I best help my clients and students. And relaying that in limited words that tend to box us in and simply apply a label/title so others can get a sense of who we are. This is very prevalent here in the US. I found your message helpful because it affirms that we are always okay right where we are. We already have access to everything we need and don’t need to chase after anything to be complete.
    Geographically, I actually live at the base of the Rocky Mountains so your example is spot on for me. I enjoy my view from here. I get to see my beloved mountains every day and watch them change with the seasons. I have no desire to climb to the top – the view from here is spectacular!
    Love and Divine Blessings-

    • Avatar

      Ho my god! the allegory to the place you are living at is brilliant! I love that!
      Thank you for expressing your connection and how relevant the teaching is for you.
      You are welcome to share this post, so more people will experience this healing and realignment.
      Love to you!

  • Avatar

    Dear Homaya, thank you so much for this message. It makes so much sense for my journey, for my present experience. I’ve been on this journey for almost three years (consciously), and for the past 4 months and a half we’ve kept ourselves in isolation far away from the city madness, immersed in nature. And it’s exactly what I’m experiencing now that you so beautifully put into words :
    “Let the patterns that moved you to your healing disappear.
    Clear the survival mode out of your spiritual journey.
    Let yourself be.”
    So i’ve been letting myself be, I’ve been enjoying each and every moment (be it sad or happy), I have become myself and feel whole again – not a work in progress, but clearly on the right path.
    It’s just that I never stopped to acknowledge it, until you made me realize this. Thank you <3

    • Avatar

      that was one of the things I wished this blogpost to be, a reminder that we have it all, and we are all.
      Bless you! Thank you for sharing, it brings me joy and love in m y heart.

  • Avatar
    Elisabetta Del Signore

    Dear dear Homaya, reading you It really seems to be part of the same consciousness…I know that it’s true, but I can confirm it more and more…thank you so much because I too was reflecting, perhaps less clearly, on the same things. We are toghether…we are alone, but we are not alone…we are perfect with all the imperfection which is perhaps only the way of life to transform….thank you for your words so immense. love

    • Homaya

      Blessings beloved, I can feel you through this message, can feel the connection and the joy of having this connection. So beautiful that you have shared those words and insights. Love to you.

    • Avatar
      Deena Ball

      Oh well said! You have explained well the emotions I’ve had around the ‘alone’. I was even speaking with Homaya and God in night school about this very thing last night. There is no alone. And this gives my soul peace as I pray it does for yours as well.

  • Avatar

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I am always amazed how you give exactly what I contemplate about in this moment. It is a wonderful kick in the ass. I was singing and breathing and humming in the workshop and connecting and loving and laughing and crying to integrate what I have learned this month about impressions and expressions and the commune action within me. And the voice between my heart and throat and the voice of my intuition, my spirit guides, my crowne.. everything is crystal clear. Time to leave the cage which are actually just two pillars of yes and now, I, my ego, was still holding on to. I am laughing about myself. Finally. Thank you, love you 💜

    • Homaya

      Bless you beautiful habet, I feel that being in the workshop and opening up to higher dimensions created the path for this wisdom to enter so deep and touch your inner truth. Love you!

    • Avatar

      Thank you for these insights , it is an interesting perspective and wise .. sometimes it feels like the top of the mountain is what to aspire to as you will get to sit in peace and enjoy the view away from the struggles/ challenges ! .. And yet i understand that we can enjoy the view and the serenity in the valleys too … trying very to realign with my path/ purpose and be In the light … your words are beautiful and insightful …

      • Avatar

        Yes, my dear…
        as we focus on the top of the mountain, the valley, or the lowland, we may forget that we are all or that.
        We are nature,
        we are light,
        we are all that there is.
        Love to you!

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