I was 20 years old when I became naturally drawn to visit a place- Guatemala.
I had only heard the name once-
and that was enough for me to get my ticket
to that sacred land.
I traveled for 3 months by myself (without malaria pills)
and entered each and every Mayan temple
that existed in those jungles.
I had no idea what I was seeing or doing,
yet I couldn’t stop sitting there for days,
copying the ancient mayan drawings that were carved in stones.
I was so fascinated.
Pages in my notebook were filled with those symbols
that seemed to my eyes and heart like moving scripts.
My mind had no explanation for that, no ‘say’ about it.
It couldn’t interfere.
I’m still fascinated by these symbols,
AND from the ability to live with an active possibility of bypassing the mind.
Not ignoring it, nor rejecting it-
Simply bypassing.
Therefor I ask-
Was that my first initiation?
Did it awaken my dormant knowledge?
Is that a stage of remembering?
Could it be that remembering is just the mind’s confirmation
and not a mental activity?
Somehow it seems to me that the overused word “remembering” in the spiritual world
doesn’t only signify the joy of revelation and re-connection,
but also indicates an ownership.
[Video: Forget about remembering    3:51 min]


In that sense, we can also say that remembering is the state
in which the mind accepts the unknown, surrenders to its own limitations
and integrates an additional part of the infinite vastness.
Remembering also indicates that there were gaps and a distance
between what we can contain and embrace
of that vastness and what is already here, present.
How can we simply stay connected,
And experience all as an ever lasting continuity?
In that state we vividly tap into our multidimensionality,
We have access to our overlapping lifetimes,
relax in the notion that all is available and our choice is the password.
Watch the video for some insights and guidance about that
(Remember to like it and share if it echoes in you)!
And share your wisdom In the comments below :
Is remembering a mental action or a touch of grace?
Who within us remembers?
Is it active or passive?
I’m looking forward to reading your comments below.
Love you immensely!

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