Somehow you still insist on dividing your life to Yes and No,
Positive and Negative,
For and Against,
Whole and Separation.

It’s like constantly living on the edge of a silent drama.

This is the attitude in the collective consciousness,
and you may choose to liberate yourself from that, intentionally.

For the whole to really be whole,
it must include the duality, the separation, rejections and such.
It is an option, amongst all that there is,
And it is essential
for the Whole to be whole.

If there are “2” – they are part of the one.
Must be.

{video length: 4:46}

Same to say that:
Positive includes Negative,
and Yes Includes No.

When this state is lived-
Your No is actually a Yes.
You cannot reject, and cannot be rejected.
(I’m serious about it !)
Any seemingness of polarities,
any contradictions-
are completely integrated into a greater level,
Into a greater Yes.


Lets chat together:
#OneIsAllThereIs            #OvercomeRejection         #LivingFrictionFree


Bring your insights and light
and let me know how you feel about it !?!


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