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This magical moment, when your heart opens wide and your breath deepens, when you are filled with sensations of wholeness, relaxation, happiness and simplicity, noticing the beauty in everything there is…

This moment shouldn’t necessarily be reserved for singular exceptional occasions. This moment depends on you. It happens in you and exists inside you.

Everything is there, everything already exists; moreover – everything already exists for us, delightful flickers of light, reflecting the inner glow, creating textures, sensations and harmonies, revealing grace and beauty. all we need to do is simply to accept it, make peace with it. This radiating glow will easily unveil itself once we agree to give up judging good and bad/right from wrong, once we just receive and accept what exists as is, letting go of the narrow viewpoint that examines everything through the prism of immediate profit – and be grateful.

Be the gratitude for what there is.

It seems that a predominant conditioning which either enables our gratitude or prevents our acceptance and appreciation for all that exists is based on the delusion that we possess the depth and width of knowledge to determine whether it is directly profitable for us. Furthermore, it seems that the value of each incident grows the more it allows us to be effortless, and as the value grows gratitude also rises. And when gratitude rises it brings sensations of wholeness, happiness and expansion.

But in fact, when we are grateful for immediate profit, and only for it; when we are able to give thanks only for that which fills a need, deficiency or weakness, for that which saves effort or satisfies our ego allegedly doing no harm – then we give up on ourselves and on immense inconceivable spaces of being that can actually be accessible for us at any moment. In these cases (where it is most convenient and easy for us to be grateful), we give up growth, depth and wealth – when overlooking the possibility and potential energy and being grateful only for gaining profit, abilities, learning, training and lessons.

The lessons, deficiencies, challenges – anything perceived as a difficulty – are all meant to help us develop our spiritual muscles, so that we can contain the sublime glow and receive the gifts the universe reveals to us in all that exists.
Being grateful for all those things would enable us to really make the best of every potential energy in our lives. Being grateful for difficulties means radiating light.And when choosing to radiate light, one becomes power and potency.

Gratitude itself opens the channels for the exchange of energy, the revelation of light. That which seemed worthless is transformed to sublime with a sense of gratitude. That which was experienced as a difficulty turns into solid gold and a true asset. Gratitude itself generates this elevation!

This is a state of being that depends on nothing, therefore it is neither a reaction nor a reference. Despite the way we were taught to think, the truth is there is no connection whatever between this state of being and any action, circumstance, time or place. Gratitude is absolute.

We wish to be grateful for everything, for what seems to be, for what seems to lack, for anything that happened or happens – even if experienced as difficult. Be grateful for everything as an exciting gift. Enjoy the lightness that lies in gratitude, liberating us from judgment and control, expanding the perception of our being and allowing us to agree to what exists and really make the best of it = as we have met the power within us that enables us to communicate with what there is and act by it.

In order to cast the doubts that may rise, I wish to clarify: agreeing and accepting everything there is does not mean that we accept corruption, wrongdoing and offense, but that we accept it all as a lesson. Gratitude for everything liberates us from opposing it; being free from opposition means being present in the glowing light rather than in the reflected light, being aware of the truth, open to fulfill significant influential action and possess access to power.

If you encounter difficulties in fulfilling or maintaining things, it might be rooted in the fact that a part of you has chosen to judge, reduce, be satisfied for less and grateful only for what gives it pleasure.

Don’t be satisfied with being grateful for what you see and what you receive. Be grateful for everything. Gratitude mellows the lessons; it is beyond the known and the familiar, it is truly a magical key. Just like mama said.


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