I had a dream

Better say, I had been to an alternate reality while sleeping.
It was so tangible, that I had to acknowledge it even after I woke up for my daily routine.
The powerful impact of the dream remained vivid for days after, I could sense the presence of all who took part in that reality.
Even now, years later, I can still feel the sacredness of the place I have been to and the sensation of awe emerging from writing and sharing it out in the world. The dream appeared in a period when I was struggling to find depth in the superficial impressions I had in life. It felt draining to watch me and everyone around so detached from true meaning, with lack of respect for life and for being alive. I couldn’t believe this was all life  had to offer.
The dream showed me there is so much more.

Accordingly, the tools accessible to me at that time to live this reality had been far-off from the spiritual world.  I was a full-time-architect; I had lived and breathed aesthetics, space, colors and shapes. Yet, the force of my intention, my willingness and a certain amount of courage effortlessly led me to the place I am at today.

The force that drove me was greater than me;

I was actually under the influence of a greater, luminous and un-personal cause.
As soon as I started walking this path, I realized that the universe was
supporting me at all times in its mysterious and wonderful ways,
and that I have actually begun walking this path long ago

Shortly after,

I was exposed to the shamanic world. I felt at home,
I dived deep and flew high to the spiritual world, I was initiated to initiated to a lineage of Native-American healers, became a teacher’s teacher and a Master in that lineage.
I expanded my trainings with teachers and master from various traditions and spiritual disciplines, traveled around the globe, and into my inner world.

I’m grateful for the challenges and the gifts, for all the teaching life gave me, and for life itself.

I know that if you read this far, most likely you are in a similar phase in your life,
I encourage you and feel the privilege of being here,
for you are in one of the most significant moments of your life !

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