For me, the calm and peaceful sense of empowerment,
is experienced daily with the active choice
of what to experience.
and this is possible thanks to a deep inner decision
to be released from experiencing life
as a victim of circumstances,

Whatever evaluates life exists inside us, inside you!
In each single moment you have the right to choose,
to decide, how to translate reality
and from what point of view to observe what is happening.

To feel hurt, to forgive, to laugh – these are all choices!
the wider the spectrum from which we observe
the more choices we have to choose from.
It is not a mental decision,
it does not involve thinking,
it is an inner movement filled with passion
for a deep and rich experience of LIFE.

One of the more interesting and liberating perspectives is, for me,
from the eyes of the soul.
Have you asked yourself how the Soul relates to challenges?

(This recording is taken from “Active Soul”,
a gathering dedicated to asking how much, and how,
does the soul influence life. >> download the full recording here: link)

Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.

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